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Commons easement map

The TD & WG Residents' Association has sumbitted its objection (below) to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the expansion of the existing commons easement sought by the Merrywood developer.


Subject:  Application CL268 - Easement over common land at Weston Green, Surrey (Merrywood)

Date:   2022-02-20, 10:21



We write on behalf of residents in Thames Ditton and Weston Green to object to this application which will erode and damage valuable common land quite unnecessarily.

We object for the following reasons :-

  • Setting a precedent, for which there are very few examples in Elmbridge.
  • The easement that currently exists was considered as historic and exceptional, specifically it denies the extension of the easement which covers one single dwelling.
  • The alteration of the easement will cause harm to common land.

We believe that the fact that the developer has been granted planning permission should have no bearing on this application. In any event, access to the site could be gained from the east or south of 'Merrywood' without incursion onto common land. The application is made purely to reduce the developer's costs and increase the the profitability of the development.

The application should be refused.

Graham Cooke

Chair Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents' Association