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The Government Planning Inspector has dismissed all three appeals for a new house at 28 The Island, Thames Ditton  

TD & WG Residents' Association and the Community Advisory Group of Thames Landscape Strategy had objected to the planning applications (2021/4021, 2021/3813 & 2021/1044).  They would replace the existing chalet bungalow at No. 28 The Island with a two-storey house whose proposed height, bulk and design would be incogruous with its prominent siting on the northern end of Thames Ditton Island, and would bring a complete change of character to The Island and its existing chalet bungalows and gardens appropriate to their size. 

The Island captionedParticularly important is the Inspector’s conclusion that the dwelling proposed in the appeals would unacceptably harm the character and appearance of the surrounding area – contrary to policies in the Elmbridge Local Plan which seek to achieve high quality design in development based on an understanding of local character, and which sympathetically reflects the riverside location.  This is in similar vein to the objectives of the Thames Landscape Strategy (2012}.

This decision will help in the future, and is in line with the Thames Landscape Strategy’s policies to conserve and enhance the Thames riverfront for the next hundred years.