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The recent borough election produced excellent results for Residents' Associations throughout Elmbridge, and saw the Conservatives lose control of the Council.
Following the Conservative-initiated reduction in the number of wards from 22 to 16, and councillors from 60 to 48, the Council representation is now :-

  • Conservatives                         22
  • Resident's Associations          19
  • Liberal Democrats                   7 

In the expanded Thames Ditton ward the vote count was :-

  • TRICIA BLAND               TD & WG Residents' Association         1664
  • KAREN RANDOLPH      TD & WG Residents' Association         1647
  • RUTH LYON                    TD & WG Residents' Association         1636
  • Mandy Sanson                    Conservative                                              474
  • Graham West                      Conservative                                              423
  • Andrew Reid                      Conservative                                              381
  • Alanko Jaska                      Liberal Democrat                                       257 

In the new Hinchley Wood & Weston Green ward the vote count was :-

  • TANNIA SHIPLEY           HW & WG Residents' Associations*    1950
  • JANET TURNER              HW & WG Residents' Associations*    1906
  • NIGEL HAIG-BROWN    HW & WG Residents' Associations*    1861
  • Charlotte Sharman               Conservative                                               465
  • Martin Fox                           Conservative                                               459
  • Craig Harrison                     Conservative                                               441 

* HW & WG Residents' Associations candidates were jointly sponsored by the Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents' Association and the Hinchley Wood Residents Association.
Tannia Shipley had the distinction of polling the highest  vote of  any candidate in Elmbridge, and we send her our best wishes for her year as Mayor of Elmbridge.
Running a successful campaign depends on the goodwill and help of volunteers; and our marvellous results reflect the benefit of their contributions - delivering manifestos, displaying election boards, and patiently working as tellers at the polling stations.  The Association's sincere thanks go to all of them.
Our councillors look forward to representing residents in Council in this challenging and exciting period.
For more details on the 2016 election results throughout Elmbridge, click here.