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Do you like leafy Thames Ditton - Weston Green just as it is?

Do you think developers are already starting to degrade it?

Well, it's going to get a lot worse if the Government has its way.


In August the Government published two consultations: the White Paper, Planning for the Future - a consultation running until 29 October, prior to submittal for legislation;  and  Changes to the Current Planning System, a separate paper which does not need parliamentary approval - the consultation for which ends on 1 October. Despite the warm-sounding tone of the claims in both, here's what they will really mean for us :-

Planning White Paper:

  • A planning process which favours developers much more strongly.
  • A process which will severely restrict the ability of local residents, councillors and even planning officers to object to, or refuse planning applications.

Changes to the Current Planning System Paper:

  • A new algorithm for calculating the new housing requirement for Elmbridge - increasing the annual figure from an already unsustainable 623 up to 775.
  • Allowing developers to avoid making any contribution at all towards affordable housing, in terms of housing units or money - which will drastically reduce the number of affordable houses or housing for the temporary homeless to be built.

This is an over-centralised Government trying to take even more control away from local authorities - a further loss of local democracy. Elmbridge needs more affordable housing, but the consequences arising from both these publications will be highly detrimental for us.

All Elmbridge Residents Associations are strongly opposed to the proposed planning changes, as are the Liberal Democrats, and even the Local Conservatives.

Can it be overturned?

Such a disastrous carve-up of planning won't necessarily come about - if enough people show their opposition to it. Don't let the Government ruin Elmbridge.  Submit your views :-


This issue will be discussed at the TDWGRA's Open Meeting (by Zoom) at 8pm, Tuesday 22 September. Click here for details on how to join it