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Bransby Lodge LR

Proposed redevelopment of the Bransby Lodge site on St Leonards Road (2020/0865) rejected by Elmbridge Borough Council 

EBC's Planning Committee has rejected the planning application to replace Bransby Lodge with a block of flats plus a house+flat at the back. The application had attracted a lot of local opposition, with 113 letters of objection submitted - including one from the Residents' Association (click here to see).

The Council's decision (click here to read in full) was based primarily on the development's poor design - its overbearing impact on neighbours (noise and loss of privacy) and on the general street scene. Other factors such as the risk to nearby trees and excessive car-parking facilities (at odds with carbon reduction targets) also featured. It should be noted however that the principle of flats was not one of the reasons for rejection - this being one of the ways in which more smaller units can be provided in areas characterised by large family homes, reducing pressure to build on open spaces.

We greatly appreciate the hard work put in by Residents' Association Councillors, Karen Randolph and Caroline James, in securing a sound rejection of this application.

As always, the Association remains supportive of appropriate development and recognises the need for suitable and affordable housing. However we will continue to oppose the wrong sort of development in the wrong place - supporting local residents, not big-party politics.