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Driven through Surbiton Crescent in Surbiton recently and received a fine?  So have 21,600 others - in just five weeks!

Kingston Council recently introduced a road restriction without a public consultation (they did ask local residents in the street their views), which has so far netted the Council almost £600,000 in paid fines.  The Council says that it's part of its Go Cycle scheme, which includes the signficant road changes on the Portsmouth Road between Thames Ditton and Kingston.

The restriction has caught out many local residents, including family members of Cllr Tricia Bland, who said “I’ve been driving down Surbiton Crescent for years and was completely unaware that it was no longer open for cars – to my knowledge there was no public consultation or advance publicity and the signage wasn’t clear or obvious on the approach.”

The restrictions are apparently part of an 18 month trial with a traffic study due to start in February 2017.

Have you been caught by the camera and received a fine - or know someone that has?  Share your views on our forum by clicking here.



If you've been fined for driving in Surbiton Crescent, it might be worthwhile lodging an appeal.  A Kingston resident was recently the first to have won his appeal against this fine.  See:

The Parking Adjudicator agreed that the signage was not clear enough, based on the huge number of fines that have been issued so far.  So now it's likely that all appeals will be judged more favourably.



image and copyright courtesy of Google Maps