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Planning Application 2014/2729 (by Co-Op) - former Ewe Pub

FOR INFORMATION 7th January 2015

1. At a meeting of the Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) Planning Committee held on Tuesday 6th January 2015, it was unanimously agreed that permission be granted for Planning Application 2014/2729 made by the Co-Op for a single storey side extension, installation of an ATM machine and alterations to the boundary wall. Despite some local opposition from residents, there were no grounds for refusal on the necessary planning issues.

2. Although concerns were expressed about traffic safety linked to the proposed delivery arrangements and likely ensuing parking issues, Surrey County Council - as the Highways Authority - raised no objections.

3. Condition no. 5, relating to Opening Hours, was amended to permit the following by majority vote:- Mon – Sat 07:00 – 22:00 hours and Sundays and Bank Holidays 09:00 – 19:00 hours. The Co-op had applied to open from 7am til 11pm on all 365 days of the year.

4. Condition nos. 10. and 11. were added which relate to hard and soft landscaping and 12. which deals with waste storage and removal.

5. An informative was agreed advising the applicant to request a small distance of yellow line if the manouvering of the 10m rigid delivery vehicles becomes a problem due to the parking of other vehicles in the slip road.

6. A late letter had been received from the Co-Op's agent challenging the recommendation regarding amended opening hours. This letter can be viewed on the EBC's website under Planning Services. Go to the 'Take Action' column, select 'View Applications etc', search under application no. 2014/2729, then 'Plans and Documents', then 'Other Documents' and view 'Correspondence from Applicant'.

7. Councillors Ruth Bruce and Tannia Shipley mounted a spirited defence of the amended recommendation for the shorter hours, particularly with regard to Sundays and Bank Holidays, citing precedence in the surrounding local area and we are glad to report that they won the day for the residents of Weston Green and Thames Ditton.

8. Concessions regarding deliveries. delivery vehicle movements, unsightly black security bars, boarded up windows and out of keeping floor to ceiling glazing had already been achieved by working closely with the EBC officers handling the application.

9. The Co-op are free to appeal to the Building Inspectorate in Bristol, but it is hoped that they will respect the clearly stated wishes of the local community and now, The EBC Planning Committee.

10. Updates will be posted on the Residents' Association website as the project develops.