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The Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group has published the following information on its website:  
From 28 January to 5 May 2016, we ran a public consultation looking at how services could be delivered in the future in the five community hospitals in the Surrey Downs area. This was based on a review which took place in 2015, looking at inpatient (overnight) rehabilitation care, as well as day clinics and other specialist appointments (known as outpatient services).

During the 14 week consultation, we met with individuals and local groups to discuss the options and how people feel about them. We also attended over 40 events across Surrey Downs, answered many questions and emails, taking note of everyone's feedback. Everything is being fed into a report which is being compiled by an independent research company.

We would like to thank everyone who completed the consultation questionnaire, attended an event, or shared their views.

The report will be published online and presented to our Governing Body. A decision on next steps will be made at our Governing Body meeting, held in public, on Friday 29 July, 1.00-3.30 pm at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Guildford Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9BL.