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We've added a few new features to the website, with lots more to come

update post itSince the launch of the new website in December 2014 a number of enhancements were planned which will be rolled out during 2015.  The first few went live on Monday 10th March and you'll see another update during April.



New features added include:

  • Online Subscription - You'll now see a Subscribe button in the menu bar at the top, next to the Login/Register buttons.  This provides the ability for online payments of subscriptions as well as contributions to the contingency and magazine funds.  Payments can be made using debit/credit cards or via a PayPal account.  We've also moved the printable form to a PDF document so that it's consistent with the printed version that's distributed with the Thames Ditton Today magazine.
  • Mobile Friendly Enhancements - when we relaunched the website we made it compatible with devices of all sizes.  We've made some changes to the top menu and the way in which some pages display so that the site and its content can be navigated and read more easily.
  • Recent Forum Posts - We've added a link at the top of the forum page which nows shows a list of the posts to the forum in chronological order, so that visitors can more easily track to see what's being discussed at the moment.  The link has been placed next to the archive link.
  • Searchable Thames Ditton Today - We've added an enhancement to the way in which content is found on the website when you do a search.  You can now locate information inside any PDF document that's stored on the website including the issues of Thames Ditton Today.
  • Selectable Search Content - In you want to simplify the results of a search you can do this but clicking on the down arrow to the left of the search bar.  This provides the ability to search only the website content and/or PDF and documents, including Thames Ditton Today archive.
  • Integrated Email Notifications - In order to make communicating via email much less taxing, we've integrated the system we use for sending occasional notifications with the website registration database.  This doesn't mean that you'll get sent emails when you don't want them, but it does mean that we'll soon be ready to provide individual users with the ability to subscribe to the content updates that they wish to receive.  You shouldn't notice many differences at the moment but it gets us ready to launch in the next couple of months.  If you do receive a test email from us, please just delete it.  We promise not to be a pest!