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Gov HogweedThe presence of Giant Hogweed has been confirmed on Albany Reach. Giant Hogweed is a plant that can cause irritation and blisters if touched, and is a notifiable pest.

Following concern from residents the RA Highways Convener contacted Elmbridge Borough Council to ask if it could identify - from photographs submitted by residents - whether a plant seen on Albany Reach is Giant Hogweed. The council responded quickly and confirmed that the plant is Giant Hogweed. EBC have been to the site and removed the plant. Closer inspection revealed a number of other plants. EBC believes the most effective way of getting rid of them all will be to apply herbicide. They will send a team shortly to remove plants and to spray the area.

It is thought possible that toxins from Giant Hogweed can be picked up by dogs passing through the undergrowth and then be transferred to owners/children. If you walk dogs in this area you may wish to keep them out of the undergrowth. The Giant Hogweed is reported to be on the banks of the Ember - continue to the end of Albany Reach and follow the path along the river bank, past the fallen Ash and look for a plant that looks like giant cow parsley. Do not touch it.

This information has also been added as a topic in the forum.