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Boundary Commission proposes carve-up of Thames Ditton & Weston Green 

Proposals by the Boundary Commission for new Surrey County Council Divisions mean that Weston Green residents will move to a different Division, divorcing them from the Thames Ditton parish and community of which they have been a part since 1100 AD. The central Thames Ditton section of the existing Division would be carved out and joined to East Molesey, while Weston Green and Long Ditton would be tenuously connected via Hinchley Wood in a new U-shaped Division (see comparison maps below).

This goes against Surrey County Council’s own recommendations which did not include any major change for our local area.

The Boundary Commission’s role is to consider three main criteria:

  • Electoral equality
  • Community identity and interests
  • Effective and convenient local government

The TD & WG Residents' Association feel the proposals fly in the face of all three of the Commission’s own criteria.

Electoral equality
The existing split of Divisions actually give more electoral equality than the Commission’s proposals. The Dittons Division, of which we are a part, is currently 4% off the ideal Surrey average. The proposals would create a new Division which is 11% below the average. This makes no sense whatsoever and does not move us further to equality.

Community identity and interests
The Manor of Weston Green was mentioned in the Domesday Book as part of Thames Ditton. We have been inextricably linked throughout history and when the first local council was established in 1895 (the Esher & District Urban District Council) we became part of the same Division, which has continued to this day.

The Thames Ditton & Weston Green Residents' Association, formed in 1934, is the second oldest in the country. It is the focus of a strong and cohesive community, with an active membership and volunteers who deliver our quarterly magazine (Thames Ditton Today). We run a website and we hold regular events including our annual Secret Gardens (which alternates between Thames Ditton and Weston Green) and our Nature & Climate Festival, which is in its second year. Weston Green residents feel part of Thames Ditton - our community theatre, local shops, primary and nursery schools, Community Centre and our library are all there.

Thames Ditton and Long Ditton are closely linked, the name itself being a good indication. They are mentioned in the Domesday Book. There are many connecting roads, so they form a natural unit at the north-eastern edge of Elmbridge. There is a real sense of community within the Dittons, enhanced by being served by a single County Councillor, and the two Residents' Associations work closely together. Splitting the two areas would be artificial.

For further commentary on the proposed changes, see County Councillor Nick Darby's article.

Effective and convenient local government
This proposal would result in two County Councillors serving our community. The current division boundary is clear, easily identifiable, familiar to residents and, most importantly, it works. This is why Surrey County Council themselves did not propose any major change.


If you feel that these proposals will divide our community and weaken our voice, it is vital that you contact the Boundary Commission to object to the proposals. Please email or write by Monday 16th October when the consultation period ends.  Also, tell your neighbours, local friends / WhatsApp group about this - the more responses the better.

Email:  (put 'Boundary Commission Reviews - Surrey' in subject box)

Write to:  The Review Officer (Surrey)
                Local Government Boundary Commission for England
                PO Box 133
                Blyth,  NE24 9FE

Full details of the proposals can be found on their website:


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