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Enjoy the lovely new hardwood benches just installed on the banks of Milbourne Pond in Weston Green

Milbourne Pond curved benches MR

With year-round water in the restored Milbourne Pond, you can now spend some relaxing moments on the two new curved benches, observing pond life and wildflowers or just chatting to friends.  The idea came from the RA's Andrew Roberts who researched the benches and organised their installation, having seen something similar in Home Park.  Funding was provided jointly by TD & WG Residents' Association and the Milbourne Pond Appeal Fund. 

Milbourne Pond was restored back in 2018, following several years of research, spearheaded by Andrew, to find the most effective way of bringing back water and life to what had become a dry depression in Weston Green.  The project was also joint-funded by the RA / Milbourne Pond fund, with a matching amount provided by Elmbridge Borough Council's CIL fund (Community Infrastructure Levy).  The pond was dug out so it now taps directly into an underlying aquifer.  The pond level still fluctuates between Winter and Summer as the water table rises and falls, but not enough for it to dry out as it did in previous years.  This has allowed a more viable pond life to become established.

Vegetation around the pond quickly re-established after the restoration, and we now have a lovely display of wildflowers in the Summer.  Regrowth has been so successful that it now needs controlling to prevent it from obscuring the pond, the main culprit being pussy willow.  As in past years, we will shortly be organising a cut-back of the excessive vegetation to maintain the pond area for all residents to enjoy.