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Planning application underway with Elmbridge Council.

After much debate with planning officials and health and safety officers the team behind the proposed Farmers Market in Thames Ditton have reluctantly had to look for an alternative location for the market, as opposed to the high street near the lime tree.  Feedback from the online and door-to-door survey thatr was undertaken showed that local residents didn't want the interruption of a regular road closure once a month.  

With a change to management at the George and Dragon pub, things are hopefully set to accelerate forward since Mick and Megan have proposed using the car park of the George and Dragon instead.  This seems a great location for the market to take place, helping to keep as much as possible the links with the village and most importantly the local retailers.  

Elmbridge Council are currently in the process of reviewing a planning application which can be viewed by clicking here.  

If you'd like to show your support by leaving feedback on the Elmbridge website, the team would urge you to do this within the next week.  Whilst the closure date for comments is listed as 28th May 2015, feedback will be accepted providing it is within 1 week of this date.

More information can be found by visiting