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Emberbrook Health Centre LR400

Emberbrook Health Centre 
Current Situation 

Following questions raised about the accuracy of the Residents’ Association update on this website about the future of the cardiology services at Emberbrook, we are now happy to be able to give you a statement reflecting the current situation. This has been checked with Glenlyn Medical Centre’s Managing Director, Joe Todd:

The full cardiology service (as it is operating now - i.e. diagnostic services - ECG and Echo plus visiting cardiologist clinics) has been recommissioned for another 3 months until 31 March 2024. We have been assured that Glenlyn Medical Centre / Surrey Medical Network who run most of the health services offered at Emberbrook are working with Kingston Hospital and Surrey Heartlands ICB (Integrated Care Board) to finalise arrangements to continue this provision (which includes visiting cardiologist clinics) into the future.

It should be noted that Glenlyn / Surrey Medical Network do not own this building. The lease is managed by NHS Property Ltd who subcontract parts of the building to different NHS services. Just over half of the building (60%) is subcontracted to Glenlyn Medical Centre / Surrey Medical Network, but parts of the remainder of the building are leased to other NHS service providers: for example, Surrey Downs Health & Care have part of the building as a base for the local District Nursing service and Surrey UltraSound Services run an Ultrasound clinic from Emberbrook.