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GOOD AS NEW CHILDREN’S CLOTHES, TOYS and EQUIPMENT SALE on Saturday 3rd OCTOBER  2015 - 1.30pm - 3.30pm at ESHER COLLEGE, WESTON GREEN ROAD, THAMES DITTON KT7 0JB. 20% of all sales go to CANCER RESEARCH UK last sale running total over 37 yrs reached over £100,000



  • Deliver items to Esher College only between 8.30am-10.30am on Sat 3rd October. Everything must be in cardboard boxes (except large equipment) as we can’t sort into plastic bags at end of sale NO JUMBLE QUALITY or UNSEASONAL GOODS PLEASE
  • Anything unsuitable will not be displayed or returned
  • All items must be clearly labelled with your name, price and age group, labels sewn or safety pinned (please no pins), use masking tape on plastic and books. Anything with loose parts must be secured firmly; toys with bits can be put in a box with plastic cover for viewing.   For pricing guide see web
  • We cannot handle more than 2 manageable boxes per person plus large toys and equipment – we need quality not quantity!
  • Puzzles + games must be complete with lids securely sealed (we are still receiving complaints about incomplete items) 
  • NOTE: no individual items under £1.00 and NO electrical items 
  • STRICTLY NO shoes, slippers or trainers will be enforced this sale other than specific activity related footwear or wellies + jellies 
  • UNSOLD ARTICLES must be collected from the College on the same day between 6.00 and 6.30pm - ask a friend to collect if you can’t. Any items left will be removed for disposal after 7pm
  • NEW* address for collection of money;  Thurs  8th  October  between 9.30am-3.30pm + 5-9pm from address given when signing in on day. Only those from out of the area may leave an sae when signing goods in
  • Money not collected is assumed to be a donation


  • Entrance adults £2.00 (please bring change) children free
  • Plenty of space for all but no pushchairs allowed in Equipment room for 1st hour
  • Excellent quality and range of goods; all you need from birth to adolescence!
  • Sample our fantastic homemade cakes
  • All items bought as found so BUYER BEWARE, make a note of names of seller of large/expensive items in case of redress 
  • NB No debit or credit card facilities


NEW HELPERS ALWAYS NEEDED – it is a rewarding day and we cannot continue to run this sale without new helpers at all stages. 

For more information and to beincluded in the mailing list contact

07849 860 484 between 7pm+9pm only please  

The next sale will be on 23rd April 2016 at Esher College (check website for confirmation of date)