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Information about our use of PayPal


Some of our residents have expressed concerns about either using PayPal to pay their subscription, or that they don't want to sign up to PayPal.  It's totally understandable for some people to have concern about using digital forms of payment and providing credit/debit card information over the internet.  The information below will hopefully explain why we decided to use PayPal and also answer some questions that you may have.


Why do we use PayPal?

Whilst our website makes use of a number of security features including SSL (encryption), we decided that we didn't want to hold credit/debit card information of our residents as part of our online subscription feature.  There are a number of third party payment gateway organisation with PayPal being the most recognised and trusted, based on independent consumer surveys.  We decided to integrate with PayPal as it provides a quick, secure and convenient way for regular PayPal users to pay their subscription to the Residents' Association.  PayPal has a significant global customer base with over 227 million users registered as of March 2018. 


Do I need to create a PayPal account in order to pay my subscription?

No, you don't need to sign up to PayPal or create an account.  When you are transferred from the subscription form to the PayPal website, you will see an option to log in (if you have an account already), or an option to 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card'.  By using the second option you will not be required to login or create an account with PayPal.  Futher information is available when you complete the debit/credit card information page at the bottom, where you are asked to confirm that you agree to PayPal's Privacy Policy and the terms of the PayPal Account Optional.


The PayPal Account Optional provides the ability to make a one-time payment without needing to sign up to PayPal.  You can see more information about the terms by clicking on the hyperlinked text 'Account Optional'.  Other than the information required by law, PayPal will not hold further information or create an account on your behalf.


Do you have concerns about a transaction that you've made on our website?

In the first instance, please contact the Membership Secretary via and explain the concern you have.  We do not hold credit/debit card information on our website, only a transaction reference number and the details that you provided into the subscription form.  Where required, we will make contact with PayPal to investigate a concern and depending on the nature of the concern you should also do this yourself directly.